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To make these changes affect new blank documents, sure to make them while you have a new blank document open. In Word or , you can turn off Automatic Formatting as follow: 1. You may wish to uncheck options on other tabs as well, such as the AutoFormat, AutoCorrect, and Actions tabs.

As you mentioned it seems only to allow selecting the tray option and people then use a consistent tray for letterhead, and other consistent trays for other paper types. If I select a textbox, the little arrow, as well as pop-up a window with specific Font settings, but only with tabs Font and Character Spacing, none with Set as Default.

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What do I miss? Hi Christiann, Thank you for your comment. This blog post is about setting the default Font in Word. In PowerPoint the font selection that you see in a brand new slide comes from what is set in the Slide Master. Best wishes, Beezix. This request for assistance is related to a version of MS- word using a right to left language and a left to right language. Is there a way to change the font? Can you try this and let us know how you do: 1.

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Choose HOME, then the down-arrow of the numbered list command. Select the font, the point size, and any attributes that you want. Changing Default Paragraph Styles in Word and Word The default paragraph spacing in Microsoft Word is a full 12pt space after each paragraph and in Word it is 8pt space. Set your desired paragraph spacing as well as other options such as alignment and indentation.

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Here you can change the page margins, the page orientation, and other options. Hello Francoise, thank you for the question! You have to quit Excel and Word and restart the applications before the new default font settings will take effect for future documents that you create. Click the Font pull-down menu and select the name of the font you want to set as the new default.

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Quit Word and then relaunch the application. New documents that you create will use the font you selected. Select the "General" preferences in the Authoring section. Click "OK. Quit Excel and then relaunch the application.

How to Change Default Font in Office Word and Excel 2016 / 12222 / 365

New spreadsheets that you create will now use the default font you selected. Julius Vandersteen has been a freelance writer since Skip to main content.

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