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And because scientists love quantifying things, they found a way to quantify uncertainty. For this, they calculate confidence intervals, or margins of error, and display them by using what is known as error bars. Error bars in Excel charts are a useful tool to represent data variability and measurement accuracy. In other words, error bars can show you how far from the reported values the actual values might be.

In Microsoft Excel, error bars can be inserted in 2-D bar, column, line and area graph, XY scatter plot, and bubble chart. In scatter plots and bubble charts, both vertical and horizontal error bars can be displayed. You can put error bars as a standard error, percentage, fixed value, or standard deviation. You can also set your own error amount and even supply an individual value for each error bar. For this, select Percentage and type 10 in the entry box:. In earlier versions of Excel, the path to error bars is different. To add error bars in Excel and , this is what you need to do:.

The standard error bars provided by Excel work fine in most situations. But if you wish to display your own error bars, you can easily do that too.

If you do not want to display positive or negative error bars, enter zero 0 in the corresponding box, but don't completely clear the box. If you do that, Excel will think you simply forgot to input a number and it will retain the previous values in both boxes. But in many cases, you will want to put an individual error bar to each data point, and the following example shows how to do this.

To begin with, enter all the error bar values or formulas into separate cells, usually in the same columns as the original values. And then, tell Excel to graph error bars based on that range.

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Supposing, you have 3 columns with sales numbers. You have calculated an average B6:D6 for each column and plotted those averages in a chart. P function , and now you want to display those numbers in your graph as standard deviation error bars. Here's how:. It is quite difficult to spot this error because the boxes are narrow, and you cannot see all the contents.

If all done correctly, you will get individual error bars , proportional to the standard deviation values that you've calculated:. For most chart types, only vertical error bars are available. Horizontal error bars can be added to bar charts, XY scatter plots, and bubble charts. For bar charts please do not confuse with column charts , horizontal error bars are the default and only available type. The screenshot below shows an example of a bar chart with error bars in Excel:.

In bubble and scatter graphs , error bars are inserted for both x values horizontal and y values vertical. If you'd like to only insert horizontal error bars, simply remove vertical error bars from your chart. This will remove vertical error bars from all data points. You can now open the Format Error Bars pane for this, double-click on any of the remaining error bars and customize the horizontal error bars to your liking. Sometimes, adding error bars to all data series in a chart could make it look cluttered and messy.

For example, in a combo chart , it often makes sense to put error bars to only one series. This can be done with the following steps:. The screenshot below shows how to do errors bars for the data series represented by a line:. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 1 year, 10 months ago. Active 1 year, 10 months ago. Viewed 7k times. In the image in this post how can I add standard deviation error bars in Excel? Blackwood 2, 9 9 gold badges 18 18 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges. Hi, and welcome to SuperUser. Unfortunately, I have no idea what you're asking.

Part of this is due to the lack of punctuation. In addition you use terminology that I never heard of. Can you please edit your post to add dots and comma's and probably exchange these words to something everyone can understand? Kendal — Format the error bars, and select the option without end caps:.

Hi Jon, This looks like an awsome utility. Thanks, Guus. Delete the old version and download it again. Having started with a dos package called FigP and gone through early excel I have been boring family and friends about how putting custom error bars on charts has became an increasingly embedded feature from whatever version of excel it was ? Have been through it was just as difficult but at least largely unchanged. I have just got and its no easier and there is the usual moving the feature to a different tab just for a bit of fun. BUT downloaded your utility and you have answered all my dream, its easy now!

Thank you again. Jon, too bad your Utility does not work on a MAC — I tried to install it and gave me an error about iy having a macro. I am racking my brain here… Great Tutorial though! Mark — What was the exact error message? I got Excel running on my virtual machine and went to install the Error Bar Utility and it asked for password? Almost have it working :. Mark — What version of Office for Mac are you using? This message looks like it relates to Office If you are using , was VBA not activated when Office was installed?

What else is installed for Excel on your VM?

Graphs and Error bars with Numbers

Jon, I sent you an email earlier — I went to my office and tried your add-on in the new Excel — It worked out but now cannot get custom error bars for each point. Please refer to the file I sent you via email. Mark — Which add-in gave you this error xla or xlam? The xlam freshly downloaded from the blog has just worked for me without issue in Excel I applied error bars to a set of data, added error bars, then formatted the error bars to use custom values. I tried entering the Names in the dialog e.

With this minor modification, it worked fine. I just want to confirm it works. I should kick myself for clearing one of the value boxes, causing Excel to retain previous value. Problem solved please. I am working in Excel Thank you for your help! Hi Jon, Is it possible to programmatically get the ranges used for error bars not set them?

Thanks a lot! But such thoughts less to migraines. Thank you Jon! I would face the SendKeys way only if benefiting significantly from such automation. Is it expected to succeed? Well, knowledge of the ranges used for custom error bars would be a significant benefit. But SendKeys is a significant source of pain. I am trying to set just Yerror bars but it shows Xerror bars also. What I did, I have some data which are, I put them to be, Yerror bars. Is this correct what I have done it or not? If not could you please tell how? May thanks in advance.

Best wishes, Jms. When you add error bars to an XY Scatter chart, Excel adds both vertical and horizontal error bars. Thanks for kind reply. Any clue please? The whole Error Bar experience in Excel is a bit mystical. Hi, Thanks for the insights Jon, sometimes it seems like more and more features in excel are cowering in the shadows, hoping not to be noticed I guess MS quite sensible, wants to manage their code base , so its really great that you generously share your knowledge like this.

I saw a few questions about how to create individualized error bars that are different for points in the same series. The need for that is what brought me to this page. I notice you make a definitive statement that it is not possible to access and format individual error bar objects, which is really refreshing. So often I see answers that avoid the question and just offer a work around… but not here! Kudos for that. I would add that the work-around I found was to write some code to break the series into groups of points sharing the same characteristic that determine the error bar format and add a separate series for each group.

Then you can format the EBs for each group to get the desired effect.

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If a line is required, I guess you could just leave the original series there undecorated and superimpose the auxiliary series serieses, seris?? Leave the original line undecorated, and superimpose auxiliary series. This is how to think outside of the Excel box. I have validating my numerical values with the experimental data. Both have a close match.

The easiest way to put error bars on only some of your data is to add a new series that contains only some of your data, hide these new points format with no lines and no markers , and put error bars on these hidden points. Hi, please I would like to know why the size of a bar chart changes when the error bar is inserted, and which size to use when interpreting the result the one before inserting the error bar or the one after inserting the error bar?

Do the bars change size?

Individual Error Bars in Excel - Microsoft Community

Do they become shorter to allow room for the error bars? Bar charts are not ideal for error bars, since the minus error bar may not appear clearly against the bar itself. Hi Peltier, Thanks for you response, sorry i couldnt get back before now. Also I would like to know, when comparing data using the error bar, what is the implication of the difference in length of the positive and negative error bars?

The axis scale also changes to match the change in the bars. If the positive and negative error bars have unequal lengths, it means that the quantities you are representing with error bars are unequal.

You need to think about what the error bar values mean. I have been doing bar graphs in excel a lot. All of the error bars work except for the last bar in one set of three. It sets the error bars correctly for the first two, but will not put any on the third, even though I have the s. Each box is divided into 3 sections. What gives? Thanks for any help you can offer! Do you have a link to your file? When I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now whenever a comment is added I receive four emails with the same comment.

Perhaps there is an easy method you can remove me from that service? I wish there were an easy way to track all the people who have subscribed to messages. I added the excel utility errorbar. Maybe you have mentioned this, but I am having an issue when transposing the graph that already includes error bars the error doesnt transpose. Currently I have it setup such that it graphs the rows on the x axis and columns on the y I assume the default setting. The problem is that I would like the data presented with the columns on the x axis, and the rows on the y axis ie.

Any idea how to keep them included? It is way too time consuming to try and add error bars by row, mainly because I cannot drag straight across the row.

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How to Make a Bar Chart in Excel

Moreover, there are s of row, but only 5 or 6 columns. When you switch rows and columns, Excel only switches the X and Y values. Error bars are at least one level removed from that, and are not included in anything that can be switched. Hi Jon, I am using the Mac office and it makes the custom error bars without any issue.

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However, even though I specified the same data series for both positive and negative, somehow some of my data points are showing different error i. I tried almost everything besides sendkeys to put the values in. Do you have an idea why I get this runtime error? Hey there! Is there any way for me to add horizontal error bars in a pivot chart?

Horizontal error bars are only allowed for XY chart series or horizontal bar charts, which is unlikely to help , but pivot charts do not support XY chart series. Thanks for all of the advice on creating custom error bars! I was able to create custom error bars for my figure in Excel , but have had the same problem as a couple other commenters that the bars for the last data points in a series do not appear properly either half or none of the error bar appears , despite having data entered in the appropriate cells.

I noticed that when other people had these issues you asked for a link to the file, so I have sent the file via dropbox. I would greatly appreciate any advice you have for fixing this issue, as I have tried everything I can think of and nothing seems to work. Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing the file. If you think about it, while you have six values and six errors for each series, you are plotting eight points for each series, including the gaps between A2 and B1 and between B2 and C1. Some of the errors are applied to these gaps, and since there are no values, there are no bars on which to anshor the error bars.

It is always best to put the errors in parallel ranges, so you can ensure that the appropriate error values line up with the appropriate data values. The ranges containing error values are six rows high, while the ranges containing data values are eight rows high. Thanks so much for the quick reply! This was extremely helpful and I know see that it was a function of the empty cells in the chart. Hopefully this helps someone else too, as I saw a couple of people had posted with similar problems a while back. I am using excel for office pro plus, and I have suddenly got a problem when I have extended a data series in a chart, and want to also extend the range of my custom error bars.

Previously the cells containing my custom error bars were highlighted, making it easy to add data to the range by holding down ctrl and clicking. But now I no longer get any highlighting of the cells when I try to edit the custom error bars. Is this a known bug, and can I do something to get around it? Thanks Per. I just opened an old file with custom error bar values, and when I click on the button and the dialog comes up, the input range box that is active has the corresponding highlight in the worksheet.

I use the feature a lot, and I have not encountered it that I can recall. Jon Peltier is the chart guru if there ever was one. Custom Error Bars in Excel Charts — Peltier Tech Blog I've never done it, but can't you create a vertical chart with error bars and then change chart […]. It also shows ideas I shared when answering Making horizontal […].

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I usually put these values in the same table as the actual X and Y values Manually Defining Custom Error Bars Sample Data and Charts Suppose we have the following data: X and Y values, plus extra columns with positive and negative error bar values for both X and Y directions.

The chart itself is easy: create an XY chart using the data in columns A and B. This chart shows just the Y error bars, to show clearly that each point has custom values different from other points: This chart shows the X and Y error bars: Important Note A single custom error bar value cannot be added to a single data point, and custom error bar values cannot be added to a series of data points one point at a time. New Excel and later It is harder to apply error bars in Excel than in earlier versions. Notes The error bars overwhelm the data. Comments You can select the error bar without having to click on it, in excel Michael — Thanks for the reminder that chart elements can be selected from the Chart Elements dropdown, in the Current Selection group, on both the Format and Layout tabs of the Chart Tools contextual ribbon tabs.

Hi Drew — The new interface did a great job of uncluttering the window. Hi, I am having the same problem as Matt and cant seem to apply error bars specific to a single data point within a series. Cheers Mate. Stuart — You cannot apply one custom error bar value to one data point. And again: how to solve this problem about x-axis labes in bar chart??? Thank you very much.

Hi Ashok — What were you doing just before the error occurred? Is your Excel updated to Service Pack 2? Lenore — Excel asks for positive and negative values because they need not be the same. Hello Jon, As you suggested I make a column of standard error values next to my data columns that I plotted. Hi Jon, Thanks a bunch for this helpful tutorial!

Neither of these options provides custom error bar values for each data point. The error in the code is listed as: ActiveChart. I have read your very helpful article — thank you for your work on this!!