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The Format Painter is one of those handy tools that allows us to quickly copy and paste the formatting of an object. This can be a cell, shape, chart, pivot table, etc. Now, what if you want to apply formatting to more than one object. This will lock the format painter and allow you to select multiple objects to apply formatting to.

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When finished, press the Escape key on the keyboard or press the Format Painter button again. It is included with my Paste Buddy Add-in. That means we no longer have Excel workbooks open inside of one application window. Instead, we have one application window open per workbook. Sometimes we don't want this if we are working on an add-in, personal macro workbook, or just don't want completely restart Excel.

This will close the workbook without closing the application window. We can also add the Close Window button to the Quick Access Toolbar, to preform this operation with the mouse. The behavior of the SDI is a little different. The app window will close but the app will remain open in the task bar. The Quick Access Toolbar QAT was introduced with the ribbon in Excel , and allows us to create buttons for our most commonly used commands. This saves us from having to navigate through the tabs in the ribbon to find a button. Put your favorite command in that position and you now have a keyboard shortcut for it.

This is great for commands that don't have dedicated keyboard shortcuts. Sometimes when we have an Excel file open we want to quickly see which folder or drive the file is saved on. This is especially true if you are working with files on different servers or mapped drives. We can add a box called the Document Location to the QAT to see the file path of the file that is currently open. This will appear every time you open Excel. It will also change every time you open or activate a different Excel file.

Bonus tip: You can also see the document's folder path on the File menu. Left-click the path to see options on copying the path or opening the folder in Windows Explorer. This application comes with Excel, and unlocks a whole new world of programming and automating Excel with VBA. Also checkout this video on how to create your personal macro workbook and enable the Developer tab. Mac shortcut: Unfortunately, the Mac does not have this shortcut key. The current VB Editor for the Mac version is pretty limited on it's capabilities. Hopefully that will change in the future and you can vote on it here.

The VBA Immediate window is an amazing tool that can help us with all kinds of tasks. We use it frequently when writing and debugging macros. But it can also be used to run one line of code or get some information about objects in the application.

F4 No Longer Changes Cell References (Microsoft Excel)

From here you can type a line of code and then press enter to run the code. A good example is removing the page break lines that appear after running print preview. Unfortunately, we can't actually add a search box to our slicers. However, I created a bit of a workaround that gets the job done. This post and video has become very popular. It might help you out next time you insert a slicer with a long list of items in it. These slicers can be difficult to navigate and require the user to do a lot of scrolling.

Adding the search box eliminates the scrolling and makes your users happy. Checkout the video and article on how to add a search box to your slicers. There are exactly 15,, additional tips that I did not get to cover in this article. So, what is one of your favorite Excel tips that you have learned recently?

Please leave a comment below and share a tip. It's a great way to learn from everyone. I wish you all the best in , and am happy you are joining me for another awesome year of learning Excel. Thanks again for all your support! Your email address will not be published. Some of this stuff is pretty crucial but easy to forget, like I always forget how to auto adjust width. I added a new list today. Read all about it by clicking the link above.

Cell Manipulations (Mac)

Dear Sir, These for formulas are very wonder and usefull. Thank you very much. Regards, Lakshmi Narayana rao MN. Learn 10 great Excel techniques that will wow your boss and make your co-workers say, "how did you do that?? I use these functions all the time. I'd rather hold down Fn if I want to switch display like almost never!

Anyone have any idea? I've searched extensively and this is the closest I've come, without solution. Hi, I do indeed have a Toshiba Laptop with Windows 8. If I try to use F2 first, it indeed allows only to readjust brightness. And if I try to do again in an other cell, the same procedure affects nothing whatsoever.

Weird, isn't it? So I am stuck with my original problem! You can hold the windows key down and then press the F4 key as you did before and it will lock your formula I was not able to use f4 keys in excel Thanks again sir. My laptop still lacks the ability to utilize F4 even whilst holding the FN key, nor does it possess this valuable FLock everyone seems fond of. Any other suggestions?

I have a Dvorak keyboard and it's been puzzling me for a very long time. It unlocked the special function keys and returned them to normal use. Thanks again! Thank you. This solved the problem I was having with excel. I'm taking an excel class and I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. But now I know I just needed to activate the Function Key.

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I am running Office 16 under Windows Whilst the F4 key worked perfectly under windows 8. However, by initally pressing th Fn Lock key, the F4 produces the absolute cell referencing in the formula. Carolyn While I like Willy's tip which I didn't know , if you want more control - for instance because you've got a lot of references and only some are absolute, you can press F4 after entering each reference and only that reference will be affected. This has always been my habit as I build up a formula.

Carolyn Simply highlight the entire formula before pressing F4. This is great, except when I have a calculation of two cells, and I want both set as absolute cell reference. Any suggestions to set all components of the calculation to absolute cells? I don't have a FN on my computer. I have a problem with the F keys, F5 in particular. This was my edit key in Windows Vista.

pettreatsandtoysuk.com/cellphone-instagram-location-galaxy-note-7.php Now I have Windows 8. The Fn function does work in different circumstances. However, it does not let me edit a cell in excel like I used to do. I have to retype the contents of the cell in its entirety. That is a pain. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, the FN plus F4 key did the trick for me.

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Couldn't find this anywhere. Good article. I have Dell Inspiron and the Escape key has a symbol of a lock with the letters "Fn" within. This is toggling the usage of the Fn key with the functionality of the F buttons. The key for enabling the function keys may also be labled "F Lock" Microsoft ergonomic keyboard.

You can use that to set you preferred default for the keys and this may be Hazel's long-term answer.

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Unfortunately, where this option is found probably varies depending on your hardware manufacturer. I have a similar thing when using my partner's Mac. A lot of my usual shortcuts are completely different and it makes work just that little bit more tedious. Got a version of Excel that uses the ribbon interface Excel or later? This site is for you! If you use an earlier version of Excel, visit our ExcelTips site focusing on the menu interface.