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For people who have used Windows, making windows full screen may not seem like a big feature since it has been included in Windows for ages.

How To Get Your Virtual Machine (Mac OS Guest) Full Screen On VirtualBox

In fact, it may sound a bit laughable considering that it has taken Apple this long to integrate any OS wide full screen feature to OS X. However, as usual, Apple likes to reinvent the wheel and do things differently than others, and full screen is no exception.

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Earlier in this article, we talked about Mission Control and how it works. Basically, full screen windows act as individual Spaces. If you make a window full screen, it will create an own Space for that window. The end result is a truly monolithic experience where you're only interacting with one application at a time, and even then the resemblence to iOS is quite strong since full screen mode does away with the Dock and the OS menu bar.

Mac Keyboard Shortcut for Full Screen Mode: Control + Command + F

You can also work with multiple full screen windows effortlessly. There is one huge limitation though: running apps in full screen in multi-monitor setup is unusable. You simply cannot run an app in full screen in the other monitor while using another app in the second monitor. When in full screen mode, the other screen will only have the grey background, you cannot move any windows there nor launch any new apps.

For example, you cannot run Mail in full screen in your second monitor while browsing Safari on your main monitor. And this is not the only issue. If you have a window on your second screen and make it full screen, it will be full screen in your main monitor. Essentially this means you cannot run apps in full screen in your second monitor, which is really a shame for people with multiple monitors.

This is even present with QuickTime Player, you cannot use it to play movies on your TV for instance without making it your main monitor. Luckily this is only limited to QuickTime, and other players with their own full screen modes work fine. Back to the Mac: OS X A Stacks view of the Applications folder. Look familiar? Full Screen Safari in full screen For people who have used Windows, making windows full screen may not seem like a big feature since it has been included in Windows for ages.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Enter your email address below:. Hi there, its good piece of writing concerning media print, we all understand edia is a great source of information. I am surprised Apple did not set this as the X button shortcut.

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A good one to use with newer apple keyboards is F5 or F6 as these have no assigned function unlike the other function keys ex. IMO apple should have included the fullscreen function here stock. Command-Control-Return worked fine for me. Thanks for the tip — clicking that icon to do this is time-consuming and, well, requires the mouse.

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Hier gefunden. It seems to me that this only works on monitor 1… in order to go full screen from my second monitor I still have to click the expansion button in the top. These features have been available in the unstable developer channels but […]. Thanks for this tip. That seems to work nicely. I tested it with Terminal and it works fine, you may need to relaunch Terminal for it to take effect.

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I followed all the steps and it looks exactly how it is in the picture for enter and exit but this doesnt work for me. I have a brand new mbp 13 with lion and I also have maximizer…any ideas? Try another keyboard shortcut? Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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