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Oh I will organize the chapters frequently so if you have to go back and read what you missed They are all important and need to be sha One of the main characters whom works in the Foster's Building is Frankie, a twenty-two year old girl who is the daughter of the Foster's Home, Madam Foster. She is usually in most episodes whether its a major or minor role, but is otherwise an often occurring character.

But, despite this story's very happy theme, there is a darker side many people don't know of The magical land of Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends is little more than a figment of Frankie's imagination. Frankie Foster grew up with autism and a minor form of mental retardation. As a young child, she grew up completely alone. She had no friends in her school and her parents barely paid her any mind. So, out of loneliness she created an imaginary friend to keep her company.

His name was Mikey. Mikey looked like a large teddy bear with soft cuddly fur and big, adorable eyes. He was Frankie's only friend. While the other children played jump rope or played kickball at recess, Frankie and Mikey were in the back of playground talking and playing. By , Frankie was around 11 years old, she still had Mikey at her side. But, having an imaginary friend in Junior High made her only laughed at more. But, Frankie paid them no mind because she loved Mikey more than anything. But, her teacher began to notice Frankie's still childish ways and talked her parents about taking her to a therapist.

Frankie and family went to the therapist the next day and observed Frankie and Mikey. Frankie was terrified of her mind, fearing what the strange people wanted with her. But, Mikey continued to comfort his friend by hugging her in his big and fuzzy arms. Back in reality, Mr and Mrs Foster were given a vial of pills by the therapist.

He had told them that once Frankie took these, her imaginary friend would be gone for good. Once the Foster family had gotten home, Mrs Foster crushed the dosage of pills into a fine power and mixed them into Frankie's chocolate milk for dinner, and unknowingly Frankie had consumed the dosage each and every night. As the poor girl was given the pills, Frankie began to see less and less of Mikey. He didn't go to school with her as much, he wasn't there on the blacktop at school to giggle joke every day and he wasn't there to cuddle and hug each and every night.

Until one day, Mikey was gone for good. Distraught at losing her only friend, Frankie began to go into a shell. She would not speak to anyone, she would spend hours after school standing on the blacktop to see if her friend would come back and she would get up in the middle of the night to sneak out and look for her friend. One day, Frankie had seen her mother crushing the pills and putting them in her chocolate milk. Curious, when Mrs. Foster left the room, Frankie walked into the kitchen and pulled vial of pills from the counter and very slowly read the label.

Give twEo pills daily. Will stop visions within 2 weeks. Then, after hearing a shout, Frankie turned to see her mother standing in the doorway of the kitchen, her face red with rage. Shouting words that Frankie could not understand, but hearing the hostile and scary tone in her mother's voice, Frankie's eyes began to water up and tear as her mother shouted more and more until she snatched the vial of pills from Frankie's hands before smacking her small child across the face, before her yelling had finally stopped. A great, red welt covered the side of Frankie's face as her mother tried to soothe her, but Frankie screamed like a banshee and ran out the door.

As she ran down the road in the dimming sky, Frankie made her way to the run down section of her town. Most buildings of this section were either abandoned or so run down that many people didn't inhabit the place. Slowing down from exhaustion, Frankie was now scared. With the scary run down buildings and the slowly approaching darkness, Frankie had not a clue what to do. Until she turned around. Kazoo: Then it's time to take drastic actions, and I've got just the plan.

From the arboreal vantage point, we shall unleash the ultimate weapon, creating a devastating chain reaction the likes of which the galaxy has never known! Kazoo: I drop this fake spider on Eduardo, he freaks out, and everyone runs away. Herriman: Yes. Well, technically many of our imaginary friends are nude. Mac: Hey, I guess you're right Pantsless Joe. Herriman realizes he's nude and covers himself]. This isn't helping me. Kazoo: A race car bed? I'm finally getting a race car bed? Kazoo: What about imaginary friends? Does it stop for imaginary friends? Kazoo: Come on, let's spice this up the way I did Taco Night.

Kazoo: [Imitates Mr. Herriman] Order, order! Stop your fun-having at once. I have something useless and boring to say. Cowboy Hat Friend: Seriously, this new friend is no joke. They say he came from some deranged, looney town. Moustached Giraffe Friend: And that he is also looney, and deranged as well. Kazoo: I get called out all the time. Bullies, criminals, old ladies Kazoo: Being a burden is great. It's like my You know what you did! Nah, just kidding. Kazoo: Best imaginary friend ever, eh? He's using a knife for pizza.

Uncle Pockets: S-Stop looking at me with such disdain. Please, I can explain. Kazoo: No, allow me to explain. It was a dark and stormy night when everyone's favorite Uncle Pockets arrived. Well, that was a colossal waste of time. What does that have to do with anything? Just kidding! Kazoo: [scowling] Pssh! Anyone can do that! Kazoo: [imitating Mac] "You just wehn ah-meh neh meh-neh.

There's a boy Finally he tells the truth Well, that was a colossal waste of time! Bloo answers it] Newsroom. Kazoo: Mac? Glad you called. That is the last time I take a book recommendation from YOU. Herriman: [Frankie accidentally breaks all of Herriman's spare busts] Miss Frances, you know the rules. Clean it up. Frances "Frankie" Foster: Rules, schmules!

I'll clean you up, you crazy rabbit! Come back here and I'll clean your clock! Kazoo: It's a hundred and six blocks to Mac, I've got a full bladder, half a mind where I'm going, it's Tuesday and I'm wearing sunglasses. Mac: Well, um, there was this one kid who invited me to his birthday party. Well, he said he was going to Well, maybe he did and he didn't call. But he could have lost my number! But then it's in the phone book. But it's under my mom's name! But then he could have just asked me my mom's name. I am a nerd! Kazoo: It's okay, son.

It's gonna be all right. Just shut it off! Kazoo: [Light switches off] And get me a juice box!

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Bunny 1: [Mr. Herriman finds it hard to say goodbye to his new rabbit friends after a camping trip] Go on, Herriman. It's where you belong. Herriman: I'll never forget you. If there is anything I could ever do for you Bunny 1, Bunny 2: Actually, we would like to come inside and live with you where it's warm and safe, away from the wolves. Herriman: What, are you mad? I'd never let poopy savages like you into Foster's! Kazoo: I'm raising money to buy Foster's a new roof. I'm saving the day with a lemonade stand.

I've seen it in movies. Mac: And no-one is going to buy ice-cold lemonade when it's already ice cold outside? Kazoo: Mac, maybe you didn't hear me. Mac: was it summer in those movies? You know, summer? The time season when people drink lemonade? Herriman: I say, I'm quite surprised that old roof lasted as long as it did. Seems we'll have to dip into the emergency fund for a new one. Madame Foster: Oh, yes. I almost forgot. I spent it last year to buy this gold-plated safe. Herriman: I see. You spent our emergency fund on a container for our emergency fund?

Madame Foster: Well, if you're going to put a negative spin on it, sure we don't! But look on the bright side: It's a beautiful safe. This is real gold-colored paint. He, he, he! Kazoo: Today's cookie consumer is more discriminating than last week's. They want a cookie with edge.

A cookie with attitude. They want less flavor and more fla-vah. Frances "Frankie" Foster: Must stop eating cookies. Resist sugary goodness. Cookies are your friend! You shall give in to the triple chocolate! Blooregard 'Bloo' Q. Kazoo: It's called downsizing, babe. We're all taking cuts. I had to settle for carat gold for this statue of me I had commissioned. Fortunately, the diamond teeth help draw the eye away. Kazoo: Pepperoni and olives. No, wait, rubies!

Oh, and sapphires. And give it an emerald-encrusted crust. And deliver it in a box made of the finest cardboard crafted from the wood of the baobab tree found only in Zanzibar island. Butler: I will deploy the delivery truck, sir. You will have it in thirty minutes or less. Kazoo: It's business, babe. Don't blame me, blame our capitalist society. Kazoo: What do you want me to say? I was a terrible friend! I'm the lowest lifeform in existence. I'm like a one-celled paramecium, but worse! I'm a zero-celled paramecium! A zero-celled paramecium who's ugly and smelly and mean to his friends!

Kazoo: [On the loudspeaker] Come and get the taste sensation that's sweeping the nation! The chocolate confection that's baked to perfection! The homemade concoction that's free in dioxin! Kazoo: [the crowd stares at Bloo] What, dioxins? They're any of the several carcinogenic or teratogenic heterocyclic hydrocarbons that incurs impurities and petroleum-derived herbicides, like meat and dairy products. Kazoo: Come and get the taste sensation that's sweeping the nation! Kazoo: What, dioxins? Kazoo: Because she has no carrots, but that's not the point.

Kazoo: [Bloo and Mac are lost in the house, so they jump into the laundry chute] Yes! How awesome is that? The laundry chutes actually go to the laundry room! Kazoo: Hey, after the afternoon we've had, I don't trust anything in this crazy house. Kazoo: The Whizby wants to eat you? The Whizby wanted to be caught by you! And now it's gone forever. So thanks for ruining our fun. Kazoo: It's a good thing you live here at Foster's. A scaredy baby like you wouldn't last one second out in the real world.

Eduardo: I would! I would, I would, I would, I would! I'm going to run away, far away! And then you'll see, and everyone will see that I'm no scaredy baby! Terrence: People are always asking me, "Terrence, what makes you the bestest, most awesomest trainer in the extreme-o-saur circuit? It's none of your business!

Mac: I think Whizby's a little too intense for you. Maybe we could go inside and eat some potatoes. You like potatoes, right? Kazoo: [disapprovingly] I don't know whose plan this was. Prince: [to Frankie; Bloo, the pizza guy, and Mac are watching] Oh, fair lady.

Forgive my discourtesy. For a moment I thought I had died and gone to heaven. But I see now that heaven has been brought to me. Pray tell me, fair damsel, what have you been doing in my dreams all my life? Prince: I hope you know CPR because you take my breath away! Is there an airport nearby, or is that my heart taking off?

I got your game. Here, [pushes a plate of steak toward him] eat, Mr. Real Man. Kazoo: [uneasily] Uhh Kazoo: Oh, silly me. Kazoo: [guiding Mac; Frankie watches, exasperated] Left. Your other left. Okay, down. Kazoo: [Mac blindly stabs the steak with the fork] Now to lift it up into my mouth. Kazoo: [bending down from the top, trying to reach the steak with his mouth] Ahh Prince: I hope you know CPR because you take my breath away.

Wilt: Oh guys, this is Eduardo. He's one of the nicest imaginary friends here at Foster's! He couldn't hurt a fly! Wilt: Oh, no, Bloo. This is Coco. Kazoo: Yeah, Mac! Herriman: "I'll be back. If I had a carrot for each time I've heard that, I'd be a very fat rabbit! Wilt: [explaining an imaginary friend who looks like Mojo Jojo from "The Powerpuff Girls"] Some kids aren't that creative, so they just copy what they see on TV.

What you gonna do? Kazoo: Because Eduardo has them! He always gets everything cool. Kazoo: Step aside, I'll handle this. These guys love me. Herriman slap Bloo] Ow! Fleas: You were the one who destroyed our city. And now we will destroy your leader, or at least make him keep hitting himself, unless you let us live in peace. Herriman: I cannot stop! They're being ironic by even suggesting that I'm doing it to myself! Kazoo: Look at me! I got new fleas and they're bigger than yours. They're super fleas.

Kazoo: [Bloo bangs into Cheese] You might wanna watch where I'm going there. Kazoo: You know what, Mac? You're right. I didn't like Cheese. I had difficulty tolerating Cheese. And as far as I could tell, nobody else really had a taste for Cheese, either.

Except the mice. Mice like Cheese. Kazoo: But now, even though Cheese once made my stomach turn, I love Cheese. I hope to have my taste of Cheese every day, maybe even for the rest of my life, even though Cheese smells. I think if we look deep in our hearts, we can all have an appreciation of Cheese, and embrace his unique I love you, brother.

Kazoo: You look like a man in need of an imaginary friend. Take a look at this adorable little guy, Cheese. Kazoo: Whatever you want. Entertain your kids, clean your dishes, paint your house, bear heavy loads. Kazoo: Tell you what? You adopt Cheese, and I'll toss in Crackers for free. Kazoo: Sorry, Crackers, but I guess he was just hungry.

He must have wanted real crackers. Ben E. Factor: Please, call me Benjamin. Kazoo: [Mac and Frankie are trying to teach Bloo how to be sarcastic] Hey, Duchess, [sarcastically] You're sooo beautiful! Kazoo: No, I was being sarcastic. I meant that you're ugly! Duchess: [sarcastically] Yes, and you're a supergenius.

This conversation is over! Eduardo: Small talk. Small talk Oh, and sweaters. They get muy, muy small in the wash. Father: He won't give us the adoption forms. He justs keeps going on about the solar system. Madame Foster: Don't you do a lick of business with him, Wilt! He borrowed a cup of sugar from me in , and never returned one granulatory ounce!

Kazoo: Please, I'm allergic to tomatoes, and rejections! Kazoo: What are you talking about? Audiences today don't care about endings. As long as everything else is awesome, you don't need an en Kazoo: You have my word Kazoo: [to Mac, who is hyper from eating sugar] Maybe the other friends were right. Kazoo: You're right. Gummi Bear: [comes up with half his ear bitten off] Your friend ate half my ear! Herriman: Master Blooregard, I'll have you know I am sworn to uphold the integrity of this household.

I trust you to refrain from your usual numbskull plots and knuckleheaded shenanigans. Herriman: [answers phone on hallway] Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Herriman speaking. How may I assist you? Mac: Sugar! Precious sugar! It burns us! Kazoo: How am I going to do it? How am I going to do it? Seriously, how am I going to do it? I've got nothing. Kazoo: Uh, we've been robbed? Faulty plumbing? Monsoon season? Kazoo: Wild party? There was no wild party. Now if you excuse me, I've got to go get my naked friend.

Terrence: Okay, now it's time for you to do what you were created to do.

Frankie Foster

Smash Bloo! You got it? Kazoo: Well, Ed, my opponents say five. But you know what I say? Five is not good enough! I say six, or seven, or even forty-two!

Kazoo: [after a long pause] Herriman smells like poo. Herriman: But he's just mudslinging! Herriman is hit in the face with mud] I should have seen that coming. Kazoo: All I ask of the people at Foster is to consider this: a vote for me is a vote for utter chaos and two plus three equaling forty-two. Bloo for President! Kazoo: [an imposter Bloo is trying to get Mac to give him Ice Capades tickets] Mac, look me in the eyes. You know it's me. Think of all the times we've had together, think of the special bond that only best friends can share.

Mac, you complete me. Weather Forecaster: As a cold front sweeps in, you can expect showers in Spokane. Kazoo: It's hoooooooot in Toooooo-peeeee-kaaaaaaahhhh. It's hot. Hot hot. Hot hot hot. Hot-it hot hot hot! It's hot in Topeka! I'm a toe-pick. I'm a hot toe-picker. Pick my toe, it's hot! Pick my hot toe, pick it! Topeka's hot, my toe is hot, pick it.

It's hot in Topeka. It's hot! It's hoooot! It's hot in, it's hot in, it's hot in Topeka! Frankie: Oh, geez! Blooregard: I've got one.

Frankie: Never in my years have I met, seen, or even heard of anyone so aggravating and capable of driving you to the very brink of insanity! Mac: I am the ball. I am the pins. The pins are my enemy. I am my enemy. I must roll my soul down the center of the lane and destroy my enemy, thus destroying myself, but in destroying myself, finding peace.

Madame Foster: Oh, I'm sorry, Eddie. What I meant to say was Stop being such a wimp! Kazoo: [to crane machine] Please. I've given you what you want. Now help me get what I want. You wouldn't miss that old paddleball anyhow, and you would know it was going to a good home, with someone who would shelter it, love it, paddle it So come on! Let's work together so that everyone can be happy! Bowling Paul: Life is like a narrow road. You can walk on the right, you can walk on the left, or you can walk down the middle. Bowling Paul: Well, duh!

In walking, totally dangerous! You could get hit by a car or something. But in bowling, the middle of the road is the path to victory. And we would all be at the souling alley and roll our souls down the lane to the pins of life and see which way they fell. Kazoo: [while at a swap meet, Bloo has his eyes on a mongoose versus cobra statue] Mac, are you seeing this? It's perfect! Mac, are you seeing this? Kazoo: [to the vendor] Hey, how much for the mongoose-cobra-thingy?

Kazoo: Free? Kazoo: My good man, unlike my primitive uncultured Neanderthal companion here, I am a connoisseur of the finer things in life. So I can most certainly appreciate the intrinsic value of a true piece of high art such as this. Kazoo: Is too! I'm cleaning the air. Cleaning and freshening. Frances "Frankie" Foster: Well, go find some other place to clean and freshen, would ya? Kazoo: Fine, if that's how you feel about it. But don't come crying to me when your air gets all stale and filthy.

Kazoo: Yeah, good idea! Eduardo: Uh I love licking feet. I love the footy goodness. Madame Foster: Aw, you remember. You used to do it when I was a little girl. TV Shows. It was produced by Cartoon Network Studios and is the first show made by the network to be animated primarily with Adobe Flash and was done in Ireland by Boulder Media.

Set in a world in which imaginary friends coexist with humans, it centers on a boy named Mac who is pressured by his mother to abandon his imaginary friend Bloo. After Mac discovers an orphanage dedicated to housing abandoned imaginary friends, Bloo moves into the home and is kept from adoption as long as Mac visits him daily.

The episodes revolve around Mac and Bloo as they interact with other imaginary friends and house staff and live out their day-to-day adventures, often getting caught up in various predicaments. McCracken conceived the series after adopting two dogs from an animal shelter and applying the concept to imaginary friends. The show first premiered on Cartoon Network on August 13, , as a minute television film.

On August 20, it began its normal run of twenty-to-thirty-minute episodes on Fridays, at 7 p. The series finished its run on May 3, , with a total of six seasons and seventy-nine episodes. McCracken left Cartoon Network shortly after the series ended. Reruns air on Boomerang. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends received critical acclaim and became one of Cartoon Network's most successful original series. It received many industry accolades, including five Annie Awards and seven Emmy Awards, winning a total of twelve awards out of thirty-five nominations.

It has since been named by Entertainment Weekly as one of the best Cartoon Network shows and by IGN in their list of best animated series at number Not blowing! The other way! Eduardo: Other way? That's really sucking! Eduardo: [sighs] There's no pleasing him. A ladder? Man, this is tough. Kazoo: No, sheets! Mac: [shouts] Bloo! Kazoo: No, no! Bed sheets! Frances "Frankie" Foster: I sowwy Mr. I've been a bad girl. Eduardo: Donde esta el pollo loco? Wilt: I don't know where that crazy chicken went. Herriman] Frances "Frankie" Foster: I'll never understand why my sweet, lovable grandmother imagined that stingy stick-in-the-mud!

Coco: Co-coco! Wilt: They've been out of business for years. Mac: [slaps Bloo] Let go, man! Kazoo: Right, right. It won't happen again. Mac: I hope not. Kazoo: I've got it all under control. Mac: You'd better. Mac: Secret later, Mac! Kazoo: See, I told you they'd go for it. Mac: No you didn't. It was my idea. Kazoo: But I inspired it with my Mac: Selfishness?

Mac: [after a night in prison] Man, what a crazy night. Guard: Will do, Bloo. Mac: You know, you're in trouble, too. Kazoo: I'm always in trouble! Kazoo: Rip-off artist! Kazoo: You don't look so good. Blooregard's Reflection: Well, you're no prize either! Kazoo: Trap door? Mac: Yep. Kazoo: I hate this house! Kazoo: Got B. Get DEO! Frances "Frankie" Foster: [spits out her drink] Bloo? Mac: [trying to teach Bloo how to be sarcastic] Now you try.

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Kazoo: I want a cooookie. Mac: [pause] Wait. Are you being sarcastic? Kazoo: I'm being huuuungry. Mac, Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo: You're tall! Wilt: Oh, well, yeah. Kazoo: You should play basketball. Wilt: Oh, well, actually I used to So, how about that tour? Cheese: [with aluminum foil in his teeth] I have braces. Mac: You found that on the ground, didn't you? Cheese: Garbage can. Duchess: And to what do I owe the unwelcomed intrusion of Bloo and boy? Duchess: Yes. Kazoo: Cool. Duchess: What? Kazoo: Aren't you gonna show us the way down? Duchess: No.

Mac: But you said Kazoo: Why I oughta Pizza Delivery Man: Okay.

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Here's your pizzas, man. Here's your pizzas, rabbit. Mac: Are you sure? Herriman: [to Bloo] I dislike you with a great intensity. Mac: Are you being sarcastic? Kazoo: Man, I don't even know any more. Mac: You gu-uys! Rubber Chicken: I've heard of mobile phones, but this is ridiculous. Kazoo: [Bloo runs up] Hey, have you seen a mo Rubber Chicken: I already made the joke, son. He went thatta way. Kazoo: Oh, it's you, Heather Kazoo: I dunno, you look like a Heather to me. Kazoo: Except the mice.

Cheese: [looking down at the mice] Hi doggies. Cheese: Can I have some fishy crackers? Cheese: I'm a cowboy. Maid: My scribble scrubs screens. Kid: My scribble scrubs scooters! Kazoo: No, it's not okay, I was selfish and dumb and I took you for granted, and it's almost got you [quickly changes the subject] Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo: [happily] Paddleball! Kazoo: [to Mac] See! He's screwing everything up! Cheese: Nu-uh! I'm only screwing the wheel! Mac: What do we do? Nothing is working.

Mac: What?