How to use remote desktop on mac os x

If you have another Mac, you can set up Screen Sharing to work over the Internet without needing any other software. If you want to connect over the Internet from another device, we recommend you use one of the below, easy-to-use alternatives to Screen Sharing. You can use TeamViewer in several different ways — set it up to be always listening with a password, or just fire it up on your Mac and use the temporary login details when you want to use it. If you already use Chrome, you may want to give the Google-created Chrome Remote Desktop extension a try.

Remote Desktop From Mac to PC

It works just like it does on Windows. Install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension in Chrome on your Mac, open it from the new tab page, and go through its setup process. You can also download the mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can also choose to set up the extension so you can connect remotely with a more permanent password. Take a look at the Mac Mini for another example. Even the trashcan-style Mac Pros are much more portable than older Mac Pro models.

How Do I Connect My Mac to Windows?

Portable or not, there are still times you want to access your Mac remotely. For security reasons, this is disabled by default. Open System Preferences, then find the Sharing settings menu. Below, enable the permissions you want to have when logging in remotely.

Remote desktop connection in Mac OS X | Information Systems & Technology | University of Waterloo

To set this up, open the System Preferences, then go to the Sharing Menu. Here, simply check the box next to Remote Login.

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RealVNC is another option. To connect, simply type in the IP address of your Mac.

Setup Remote Desktop on Mac

This is visible when setting it up to allow remote connections. Type in the password you set to connect. With LogMeIn Pro, remote access can be installed on one or two computers. But an unlimited number of different users can access those computers. The subscription also includes 1TB of shared storage. Both the desktop server software and the client software have interfaces that seem out of date. But the core functionality works effectively, providing remote screen and file access, and several security options.

With a focus on just providing solid remote-access tools, Splashtop is far less expensive than its closest competitors, which include features that many users may not need. TeamViewer is very generous where personal use is concerned.


TeamViewer allows unlimited use of the full version of its software for non-commercial purposes. A Remote Control tab shows computers in your account set, and you can select one and use it in a variety of ways, including for presentations and video calls.

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The iOS client is a little thin compared to the desktop versions, but offers solid access to necessary features, including an easy swap among multiple monitors on a remote desktop. Each of the apps reviewed here met the following criteria.

Step-by-Step Guide

OS support. File transfers. Includes the ability to perform file transfers. Although Dropbox and other sync servers remove the strict need for file transfer, it remains a core useful part of remotely accessing a computer. User management features. The reviewed apps allow for unattended remote access of computers in a set or the same account. Many of these products can also ask for or be granted permission to other computers. Also, these apps let you group available computers into an account for easy access by browsing, and they can let you invite others outside of an account group for remote viewing or remote control.

Ability to handle complex network setups. It's helpful if an app can punch through complicated network situations.

Mac OS X Remote Desktop Connection Instructions

An app should be affordable for individuals or small businesses.